The starting point of my task is usually defined by a single question that my clients look to resolve. From there on, a process of gathering information, analysing data, developing ideas, building acceptance of results and implementation follow.

Application submission & Application review

Information gathering

Usually I begin assignments by tapping into a client's existing resources. Companies tend to have a lot of data which sometimes remains under-utilised. The process usually includes:

  • Reviewing existing data
  • Interviews with employees, specialists with the firm, clients, vendors, or customers
  • Conducting primary and secondary research or commissioning research studies


  • Developing ideas to overcome issues
  • Testing ideas – weighing their drawbacks
  • Identifying solutions


  • Develop a path forward with specific targets
  • Put solutions into practice
  • Tweak solutions
  • Review and measure results

I have no standard answers because every client's business and situation is so unique.