I'm based in Mumbai but go wherever my clients' assignments require me to.

If you find yourself asking any of the following questions....

  • Where can I generate more revenue growth from?
  • Why don't prospective clients seek us out?
  • How do I win more market share?
  • Are there different audiences that I should be targeting?
  • What future market changes do I need to prepare for?
  • How do I reduce my working capital requirements?
  • How do you get business done faster?
  • Reduce cost?
  • What can we do to become more profitable?

....then perhaps we should meet and explore possibilities together.

Should we work together, here's a little of what to and what not to expect:

What to expect

  • I work very closely with my clients and often work out of client offices
  • A thorough analysis backed up with data and presented as briefly as possible
  • Simple but powerful ideas
  • Results

What not to expect

Corporate jargon, pages and pages of reports, solutions far from reality, mathematical models or IT solutions